Earn Money Online

Top 5 Android Apps to Earn Money Online

Many people these days want something extra, especially when it comes to money. No matter what kind of job or other means they can get their hands on that will generate them money, people are going to do it. Fortunately, in this day and age of information technology, it has brought advances in the realm of business. Majority of businesses today are done online. People can now buy things that can’t be bought locally. All they need to do is look for the shop online, purchase the item and send it to their address. Businesses have to take advantage of this and to make it more convenient to today’s entrepreneurs, they can even do business with their smartphones. What better way to do business than just carry it around as long as there is an internet connection?

You get to have better business deals and close a lot of sales if you have the following app in your phone, particularly if your phone is running on an Android operating system.

Earn Money Online


This is a coupon app wherein it will give you cash back on certain purchases. The idea here is that you purchase for things that you were supposed to buy. You use the app when you make your purchases, which will give you the cash back. It doesn’t make you a millionaire, but the least is that you get to save a couple of bucks every purchase you make.


A lot of people have a lot of stuff that are worth to sell. eBay can help these individuals turn their stuff into cash. Almost everybody knows how eBay works. All you need to do is put your stuff into their listing. People will search for it and buy it if they find it to their liking. You can sell almost anything that you want, whether these are clothes, books, electronics, cars or furniture. Experts recommend selling the bigger items locally since shipping can get really challenging, not to mention costly.


This place is a gathering of artists, creators and tinkerers sharing their work online. When they want to reach to a wider audience, all the creator, artist or tinkerer has to do is post their product through Etsy. If you have some sort of work that you find of value, don’t hesitate to put them through Etsy. You can find a lot of arts and crafts in this site. The app’s name is Sell on Etsy. This app will help you manage your own shop, listings and orders. You also get to chat with potential buyers and many other stuff to do.

Google Opinion Rewards:

This app is one of the great ways to earn some extra bucks on the side. Most of the time the money you earn through Google is usable only with Google Play Store. This app lets you send surveys that are based on the places you have been to. You answer their survey questions, which in turn will give you the Google Play credit. The credits can be used on games and apps in Google Play.


This app is pretty much like Ebates. The basic idea here is that both of these apps are the same. You buy stuff that you want to buy. This app will let you earn the cash back you made on such purchases.